Book Content

  1. Introduction

Pere Clavé, Omar Ortega and Marco Inzitari

2. Oropharyngeal dysphagia as a geriatric syndrome

Stefano Masiero, José Martos and Jesús Mateos-Nozal

  1. Physiology and Pathophysiology

Omar Ortega, Pere Clavé

3.1. Physiology and Pathophysiology of OD in older persons.

Omar Ortega, Emilia Michou and Christopher Cabib

3.2. Brain structure, neurotopography and function in older people

Rainer Dziewas, Tobias Warnecke, Sonja Suntrup-Krüger and Bendix Labeit.

  1. Sarcopenic dysphagia

Hidetaka Wakabayashi, Ichiro Fujishima, Rainer Wirth and Magdalena Milewska

  1. Diagnosis

Antonio Schindler, Alberto Martín and Margaret Walshe

5.1. Advances in clinical screening and clinical assessment

Margaret Walshe, Stephanie Riera and Julie Regan

5.2. Instrumental assessment 

Antonio Schindler, Weslania Nascimento, Nicole Pizzorni and Silvia Carrión

5.3. Other techniques (neurophysiology -pSEPS, pMEPS, EMG, accelerometry-, ultrasonography, spontaneous swallowing frequency).

Christopher Cabib, Marta Álvarez and Enrico Alfonsi

  1. Complications

David Smithard and Yuki Yoshimatsu

6.1. Dehydration

Paula Viñas and Joanne Murray

6.2. Malnutrition

Alicia Costa, Paula Viñas, Romina Escobar and Emanuele Cereda

6.3. Oral health

Josep Nart, Javi Vilarrasa, Beatriz de Tapia, Lucía Barallat, Blanca Paniagua, Cristina Vallés, and Koichiro Matsuo

6.4. Respiratory infections and aspiration pneumonia

Yuki Yoshimatsu, Frank Scannapieco and Jordi Almirall

6.5. Frailty, functional capacity, institutionalization and quality of life

David Smithard

  1. Treatment

Pere Clavé and Emilia Michou

7.1. Thickening and alimentary fluids

Jun Kayashita, Mireia Bolívar, Críspulo Gallegos and Jose María Franco

7.2. Texture modified foods

Laura Laguna, Mireia Bolívar, Kovan Mohammed, Alicia Costa and Raquel Baixauli

7.3. Multimodal Interventions, the role of the multidisciplinary team

Alberto Martín, Dorte Melgaard, Montserrat Gea, Esther Rubinat and Asako Kaneoka

7.4. Classical rehabilitation strategies

Olga Viridiana Arreola, Walmari Pilz and Yoko Inamoto

7.5. Pharmacological Treatment

Satoru Ebihara, Noemí Tomsen and Pere Clavé

7.6. Neurorehabilitation strategies

Shaheen Hamdy, Ivy Cheng, Ayodele Sasegbon and Jin-Woo Park

  1. Health Economics of oropharyngeal dysphagia and its complications in elderly people

Sergio Marín and Ramon Cunillera, 

  1. The development of scientific societies, history of dysphagia management and research in Europe, UK, North America (US and Canada), Australia and New Zealand, South America, Japan, Korea and China

Jane Lewis, David Smithard, Reza Shaker, Phoebe Macrae, Valeria Ton, Eichi Saitoh, Tai Ryoon Han, Zoulin Dou and Pere Clavé

  1. Summary and conclusions

Pere Clave, Omar Ortega and Marco Inzitari